2nd Global Conference on Positive Change


15 & 16 November 2018


The Global Conference on Positive Change is a gathering of leaders and change agents.

People interested and experienced in how Positive Change can be applied to key global challenges and leveraged to realise opportunities for innovation and growth.

The aim of the conference is to inspire and equip people passionate about

Positive Change with ideas, tools and connections to do more great work.

Thank you to everyone who made GCPC2 such a great success



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Presentations, The Journal and The Graphic Documentation

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We are now looking forward to GCPC3 which will be held in Chile in 2020.


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2nd Global Conference on Positive Change

Building Positive Organizations

The theme of the 2nd Global Conference on Positive Change is  Building Positive Organizations

How do we re-imagine and re-purpose commercial and community organizations to meet the challenges and opportunities of the coming decades for a more positive world ?

People will be invited to take part in sessions to

explore and deepen their understanding of key themes of Positive Change

hear from and discuss with experts who are applying Positive Change in diverse fields

learn about approaches and tools effective in delivering Positive Change

appreciatively share their own knowledge, experiences and aspirations

This is an invitation to be inspired and to inspire!

Session Contributors

We have a great team lined up to deliver Lighthouse Talks and to lead Thinking, Mining, Learning Sessions.

All are innovators in Positive Change with a wealth of specialist experience in delivering Positive Change in fields as diverse as:-

Education, Government, Prison Service, Youth Leadership, Transportation, Charities/NGOs, Green cities, IT services, Human Resources, Health Services, and more

Below are a selection of the team who you will meet.

For full detail of contributors – their bios and what their session will be about go the Contributors Page

Ralph Weickel

President of CPC Global & Master Facilitator of Positive Change

Dr Victoria Lavis

Director at the appreciative partnership (UK)

Catalina Paya Uranga

ESADE Management School & Co-founder of Inspiring Partners (Barcelona)

Vera Hofmann


Francesca Oliva

Active Change (Milan)

Chris Braithwaite

The Appreciative Partnership (UK)

Dr Maike Reese

OD & Leadership Consultant  in German Education

Ian Richardson

The Appreciative Partnership (UK)

Frank Van Erkel

The Change Lab

Juan Carlos Orbrador

CPC Latin America

Tenny Poole

West Coast Centre for Positive Change (California)

Jose-Luis Marin

Inspiring Partners

Francisca Di Domenico

Oveja Negra Consulting (Chile)

Melanie Cope, MS

Leadership Coach

Chris Dyer

Founder & CEO of PeopleG2 and author of The Power of Company Culture

Simone Mortier


Max Malterer

Bringing Positive Change to AIESEC Intl & Driving Digitization at Deutsche Bahn AG


David Berg

MD Circular for City of Rotterdam. Creating the 100% re-cycled, reused, renewed city

Greet Driessens

Open Kring

Renaat Lemey

Open Kring

Paul Neville

Trinity Laban

Sarah Lewis

Appreciating Change

Merijn Everaarts

Founder of Dopper

Ceferi Soler, Phd

ESADE Business School

Lindsy Szilvasi

Studio Why

Celiane Camargo-Borges, Ph.D

Breda University & TAOS Institute Board Member

Francisco Mondora

Mondora  Srl sb (Italy)

Hans Broeks


Tim Slack

Appreciating People

Paul Engel

Sabine Soeder

CoCreative Flow

Gwen Holstege

Sarah Stueber


Tina Neuhoff

Spice in Presence

Koen Joly

Keik (Belgium)

Sjoukje Alta

City of Amsterdam

Gwendel Kusters

Dutch Government

Alessandro Gianni

Design Thinking Consultant

Lynn Black

University of Southampton

Mariska Vermeulen 

Women of Europe

Dr Christopher Steed

Southampton University

Author of Smart Leader, Wise Leader

Grandmother Jeremie

Story Teller

a journey

You will be invited to take a journey to explore three overarching questions in a variety of ways

What does it mean to be a positive organization – what are the pillars and foundations?

How are people building positive organizations in different sectors to meet opportunities and challenges?

What skills can be learned and tools employed to make positive change more effective – what are the enablers?

Punctuating the journey there will be contributors offering stories of experiences and inspiration.


GCPC is a place for people to think, learn, connect, collaborate and truly engage with each other.

It is an opportunity to share ideas and try out pathways to reach a positive future together.

The emphasis is on  People & Stories.

To enable engagement you need the right atmosphere.

So, the conference returns to the Tobacco Theatre, Amsterdam. A building full of personality and quirky style.

GCPC is for the curious of heart and mind!

themes & sessions

The content will be organised into three streams.

We have called these: Pillars & Foundations, Challenges & Opportunities and Enablers

Pillars & Foundations

Principles that underpin Positive Change


Positive Leadership

Learning from Excellence

Positive Culture 

Challenges & Opportunities

Applying Positive Change in areas or fields



Education &  Healthcare

Prisons & Rehabilitation

Government & NGOs


Tools & Approaches


Design Thinking

Positive Change in Negative Places

Positive Coaching


People will have the opportunity to take part in four types of session

Thinking Sessions

Aim: Provide people with insights, and the opportunity to reflect and discuss key concepts needed to build positive organizations, whatever the sector, location or type of organizations.

Benefit: Enhance your knowledge of underpinning principles of  Positive Change.

Mining Sessions

Aim: Provide people with a brief case study designed to stimulate a discussion and the appreciative sharing of knowledge.

Benefit: Digging deep into a real life situation with a specialist working in the field  – discover what it takes to do the ‘design & build’ of the Positive Change.

Learning Sessions

Aim: Equip people in the use of specific ‘tools and approaches’ used to enable Positive Change.

Benefit: Gain practical information that broadens and strengthens your Positive Change Toolkit.

Lighthouse Sessions

Aim:  Be inspired by short inspirational, thought provoking stories that ‘spark thinking and catalyse discussion’ across sessions, and over coffee!

Benefit: Hear from people who are making Positive Change a reality.

Tool Shed

Resource Centre

Having the right tools to do the job is an essential component of Positive Change

We know that there are lots of great resources out there.

So, we are setting aside space for a resource centre. We are calling it The Tool Shed

Display & Talk about

Products & Services

Books & Materials

Assessment & Evaluation Tools

Teaching Aids for Workshops/Coaching

Build Awareness using a Pull-up Banner

Set up your own corporate stand

Interested ? To book a place in The Tool Shed

Contact Us to discuss options & packages




Tool Shed

Resource Centre

A crucial element of any great experience is atmosphere created by having great people in a great space.

This is why we have chosen to return to the Tobacco Theatre once again.

If you were at the first conference you will know what we mean. If not, you are in for a treat.

We are proud to introduce some of the organizations that are supporting the conference

A big thank you to them all !



The 2nd Conference is building on the energy and inspiration of the 1st Conference.

Watch the short video from the 1st Conference to get an insight into what to expect….

Be part of the team

as a Conference Volunteer

Contact us to discuss how you can get involved


get involved

Support the conference

as a Sponsor

Contact us to discuss how you can get involved


10 reasons to attend the conference

(Just in case you weren’t convinced by now!)

1. Network: Build quality connections with people passionate about Positive Change.

2. Stories: Hear and share stories of what works & how people have overcome the challenges when creating Positive Change.

3. Inspiration & Energy: You will gain ‘input’, inspiration & support to motivate and revitalise us. You’ll find it at GCPC2.

4. Strategies: Gain insight from the knowledge and experience of others who are making Positive Change happen.

5. Success: The conference is co-designed and co-delivered. We need each other to make it a success.

6. Learn: Develop a deeper understanding of and practical skill with tools & approaches to enhance your Positive Change activities.

7. Diversity: By inviting contributors from a wide variety of backgrounds & contexts you will experience unexpected a-ha moments.

8. Community: Be part of a movement of like-minded people.

9. Innovate: Experience rapid prototyping that will challenge you and provide ideas for your return to ‘the office’ after the conference.

10. Enjoyment: Perhaps the most important reason of all. It will be fun!

Accommodation & Travel

There are plenty of great places to stay in Amsterdam
For information go to Accommodation

Getting to the Tobacco Theatre

For details go to Getting to the Tobacco Theatre 

And finally….Any Questions?

if you have any questions please contact us at    connect@positivechangeeurope.com

We look forward to seeing you at the conference.

The GCPC2 Team