14th November 2018

On the afternoon of Wednesday 14th November 2018 we are offering Masterclasses


                                                                                  1: The Power of Storytelling  

                                                                                  2: From Books to Boardroom : The Power of Positive Culture


Masterclass 1


The Power of Story

Storytelling has been apart of history and is the oldest form of communication.  In this very interactive session, participants will hear stories from a Native American Storyteller, Grandmother Jeremie.  She will share how stories have shaped the culture, traditions and interactions of people and organizations.

Through exercise, participants will share their stories and learn how to build their story.  Using examples from the Native American tradition, participants will learn the structure of an impactful story.  Applying these structures to their own stories, participants will craft stories and practice telling them.

The session will also touch on the power of stories to shape our actions and the outcome of engagements.

Why attend this Masterclass?

Participants will learn the history and impact of the Story from a Traditional Native American storyteller.  They will also learn and apply the key elements of an impactful story structure along with how stories shape our actions and outcomes.

Learning Objective #1: Learn the structure of an impactful and positive story
Learning Objective #2: The impact of stories on the outcome of engagements

What can people expect to learn?

Participants will learn to understand the power of stories in creating positive organizations, communities, engagements and lives.

What will the learning experience be like?

A mixture of examples and exercises

Who, in particular, will benefit from the masterclass?

Anyone with a desire to learn about storytelling

  • Masterclass Program
    • Story Telling – Exercise
    • The History of the Story
    • Native American Stories – Tradition, Values, Purpose
    • What makes a Great Story?
    • The Stories We Tell – Exercise
    • The Personal Narrative
    • Structure of a Positive Story -Native America Examples
    • Creating Your Own Story – Hearing the Message, Value, Impact
    • Sharing your Story

Who will lead the Masterclass?

Grandmother Jeremie is a recognized elder and teacher of the Pueblo Indian nations – Hopi, Zuni and Navajo.  Jeremie grew up walking in two worlds – that of the white man and that of “the people” – her family lineage is that of the Hopi Bear Clan.  Although educated in the tradition of the white man to a PhD. level as well as being an ordained minister, she believes her real education comes from the apprenticeship she served to several American Indian Elders, including:

Chief Dan Evehema – Hopi
Sun Bear – Chippewa
Grandmother Snowdeer – Oglala Sioux

Jeremie has been given permission by her American Indian teachers to share the wisdom of the old ways through the oral tradition of story telling.

When asked for her resume’ she will remind those asking of one of the lessons from her teachers – “that which you say you are…you surely are not.”  

When, Where, How much?

Timing :  1pm-5pm 14th November 2018

Location : Tobacco Theatre, Amsterdam

Cost : 250 euros

Masterclass 2


Books to Boardroom

Power of Company Culture

This Masterclass is a unique opportunity to hear first-hand from
Chris Dyer a leading expert on Company Culture. As a business leader
(People G2) and host of a weekly business radio show (Talent Talk)
Chris brings a wealth of perspectives to the subject of performance
improvement.  In 2017 he put ‘pen to paper’ and synthesized this
knowledge and wisdom into his book The Power of Company Culture.
It provides a road map for developing company culture, the cornerstone of positive organizations. In the book Chris presents 7 key pillars. The masterclass will explore these in detail. Chris describes his years of reading, conversation with business leaders and trying stuff out, as a journey from ‘books to boardroom’.

This session is a must for anyone interested in building Company Culture and
performance improvement.

Why attend this Masterclass?

Its an opportunity to spend time and learn from people who have done their research
and then gone and made positive change work for their organization.

What can people expect to learn?

The learning outcome is a deeper understanding of the potentials and possibilities for creating a powerful, positive company culture.

What will the learning experience be like?

The session will be a mixture of delivered materials and activities which
will enable participants to share and discuss their own experiences. There will be plenty of
opportunity to explore your own business challenges with Chris and Tenny.

Who, in particular, will benefit from the masterclass?

Anyone interested in how to build Company Culture

  • Masterclass Program

Chris Dyer’s Journey – The Power of Company Culture

  • Chris’s why – what caused him to take this on?
    The best practices surfaced as he looked around – which ones were most important
    His journey to make changes – what worked
    What he learned as he moved forward
    What was surprising?
    What were the business outcomes
    How did the pillars take shape?
    Is there more to come?

What have we learned from positive psychology, neuroscience and other studies?
Imaging what is possible in creating a positive, powerful company culture?
What were the biggest takeaways from the session?
How will you incorporate this into your work?

Who will lead the Masterclass? : Chris Dyer with Tenny Poole

Presenting alongside Chris will be Tenny Poole. As a Positive Change consultant, Tenny brings a wealth of experience in facilitating change in all types of organizations. She will review some of the key psychological principles that underpin Chris’s work. Together Tenny & Chris will lead activities to enable delegates to share experience and begin to apply the learning to delegates’ own organisation or practice.

Chris Dyer is a recognized performance expert. Constantly intrigued by what makes some businesses and individuals more successful than others, Chris has dedicated years of research to uncovering what drives productivity and profits. As a sought-after speaker, consultant, and certified SCRUM Master, Chris works with leading organizations to help them transform their cultures to boost performance and gain an even greater edge in the marketplace.

Chris is the author of The Power of Company Culture, which was released in 2017.  He is also the Founder and CEO of PeopleG2, a background check company that has appeared on the Inc. 5000 list of the Fastest Growing Companies.

A passionate talent management enthusiast, Chris is the host of TalentTalk, a popular business podcast that features interviews with top executives about their strategies for hiring and promoting talent.

Tenny Poole is a principal of the Corporation for Positive Change and founder and principal of the West Coast Center for Positive Change. The West Coast Center for Positive Change (WCCP) is the premier positive change consultancy in California. The WCCP is affiliated with the Corporation for Positive Change (CPC) which was started by Diana Whitney and David Cooperrider as the first consulting and training company in the field of Appreciative Inquiry. Tenny is a master facilitator and master trainer in the field of Appreciative Inquiry, Appreciative Leadership, and Appreciative Coaching.

Before starting the West Coast Center Tenny was Vice President of HR for Experian.

When, Where, How much?

Timing :  1pm-5pm 14th November 2018

Location : Tobacco Theatre, Amsterdam

Cost : 250 euros