Sessions &  Contributors

We would like to introduce the amazing people that will make the conference, by delivering session that are; thought provoking, challenging, educational and inspiring. Digging deep into what it means to build a Positive Organisation from many, many angles.


Chris Dyer

CEO of PeopleG2

Chris Dyer is a recognized performance expert. Constantly intrigued by what makes some businesses and individuals more successful than others, Chris has dedicated years of research to uncovering what drives productivity and profits. As a sought-after speaker, consultant, and certified SCRUM Master, Chris works with leading organizations to help them transform their cultures to boost performance and gain an even greater edge in the marketplace.

Chris is the author of The Power of Company Culture, which was released in 2017.  He is also the Founder and CEO of PeopleG2, a background check company that has appeared on the Inc. 5000 list of the Fastest Growing Companies.

A passionate talent management enthusiast, Chris is the host of TalentTalk, a popular business podcast that features interviews with top executives about their strategies for hiring and promoting talent.

Mining Session : WTF?!  – 7 Cultural Changes that Matter

David Berg

Managing Director, Rotterdam Circular

One of the leading subjects in Rotterdam is to reduce, re-use and recycle waste as much as possible. Rotterdam 100% circular. These kind of challenges need another way of thinking and foremost a positive approach in the organization as well as in the city! David:”trust your guts, in everything you do. We are not in this alone, but working together with many people and businesses in Rotterdam. We do this the Rotterdam way: with courage and with each other.”

Lighthouse Session : Reduce, Re-use, Re-cycle : Creating a Circular Economy in Rotterdam

Merijn Everaarts

Founder Dopper

Merijn Everaarts started out as an entrepreneur in the event and marketing business. Today, the Dutchman has only one priority: his initiative for a better world, Dopper, a social enterprise to make an impact on reducing plastic waste by providing a sustainable water bottle for (filtered) tap water. His mission to achieve:

creating awareness regarding the impact of single-use plastic waste and inspiring people to initiate a change.

– offering an innovative product line of sustainable design bottles for drinking water.

– increasing access to safe drinking water for people around the world.

Mining Session : The Dopper story – Creating Sustainability by design

Max Malterer

AIESEC , Deutsche Bahn AG

“A graduate in Management & Technology, former entrepreneur, passionate about positively impacting society through digitalization and purpose-driven initiatives; Max spent his past 6 years in the non-profit AIESEC where he focused on developing and transforming young people into the leaders and change agents of the future.


In his leadership roles on the national and global level, he successfully managed a sharp financial turn-around, pioneered new approaches to business development and organizational design, and lead digitization efforts to drive AIESEC’s global growth.


The failures and successes he witnessed throughout his leadership experiences have made him a strong believer in the power of purpose-first organizations which combine strong economic models with technology to drive positive impact on a large scale.


Max is currently exploring the opportunities that digitization can bring to the mobility sector at Deutsche Bahn in Germany. He sees new user-, city- and environment-friendly ways of mobility not just as a solution to the challenges of climate change, urbanization, and demographic change, but as enablers of human flourishing.”

Thinking Session : Purpose First- How can we balance the need for a common purpose and the economic health of organizations

Mariska Vermeulen

Founder of Women of Europe

What is your biggest struggle? What is your biggest life lesson? What is the best thing that ever happened to you? For her project Women of Europe journalist Mariska Vermeulen travels to all the capital cities in Europe to ask women those and other questions. In her talk she discusses some of the interesting and sometimes surprising answers she got and explains why it is important that we ask European women those questions.

Session : Lighthouse Speaker

Francesco Mondora

Mondora srl sb

Francesco Mondora is one of the founders of mondora srl sb, with over 20 years experience in the world of Information Technology. Francesco considers himself a visionary and an optimist, and his field of expertise includes innovative areas such as Building companies that create positive impact. As well as being CEO of Benefit Corporation mondora, Francesco is also an excellent trainer in Executive Coaching, teaching Corporate Agile Management and Business to Benefit Strategy to companies. Francesco is an expert in disruptive thinking and self organised companies, and loves to work for customers who wish to experiment and improve their approach to the world and to people. He often contributes at conferences and seminars throughout Europe.

Mining Session : What is software for a Teal Software Company – How software can be thought of as a force for good.

Sarah Lewis

Appreciating Change

Sarah is a chartered organizational psychologist and one of the principal positive psychology and appreciative inquiry practitioners in the UK. She works with organizations both commercial and not for profit to achieve effective, sustainable, positive change. She is an Associated Fellow of the British Psychological Society and a Principal and Founder Member of the Association of Business Psychologists. The author of ‘Positive Psychology at Work’, and ‘Positive Psychology and Change’, she is also joint author of ‘Appreciative Inquiry for Change Management’. She really loves a chance to talk and learn with other practitioners

Mining Session : How do we build capacity across a whole sector using Appreciative Inquiry : Housing sector?

Paul Neville

Trinity Laban

Paul is passionate about sustainable performance improvement gained through transformational change – both within organisations and in sectors in which they operate.

He helped transform the Housing Ombudsman Service to be more strategic and outcomes-focused.

Paul is a People & OD professional with over 24 years’ experience.  He is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), a Fellow of the RSA and a member of the leadership team of the RSA fellow-led Creativity in Public Services Network.

Mining Session : How do we build capacity across a whole sector using Appreciative Inquiry : Housing Sector?

Dr Victoria Lavis

The Appreciative Partnership & University of Bradford, UK

Victoria  is a chartered psychologist, appreciative consultant and a senior lecturer in psychology at a UK University. Victoria has conducted appreciative inquiry based research and consultancy, training, development and coaching activities for the past 10 years. Her particular expertise is in utilising AI to co-create positively focused solutions and innovations in challenging and negative organisational contexts. Examples of her work include:

  • working with public and private sector prisons to affect positive cultural change and performance improvement
  • working with senior leaders to enhance team cohesion & ensure high performance under pressure,
  • appreciative coaching for outplacement of employees as they exit organisations
  • working with the whole organisation to develop vision and strategy for ‘ending well’ in the context of organisational closure & restructuring.
  • Victoria is a director of the Appreciative Partnership based in West Yorkshire, UK.

Mining Session : Can Prisons be Positive Organisations? Positive Organisational Change in the Criminal Justice Sector

Ralph Weickel 

President of the Corporation for Positive Change, founder of the Corporation for Positive Change Europe and Performance Management.

CPC is a global Positive Change consultancy employing the methodology of Appreciative Inquiry and others strength-based methodologies to amplify performance and organizational strengths.

Bringing 30+ years-experience across a broad range of industries, Ralph and his Team guide organizations to identify and leverage core strengths to permanently improve performance and co-create flourishing environments. CPC and its sister organizations specialize in co-creating success with organizations in the areas of leadership, organizational and team development, change initiatives, strategic planning, operational efficiency, employee engagement, and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit along with lean system implementation. Ralph serves as a positive change executive coach known for his holistic and co-creative approach. Being a native of Germany, Ralph is also fluent in German, in addition to English.

Lighthouse Session

Tim Slack

Founder and Co-director of Appreciating People

Tim has worked in youth work and regeneration for over 30 years, holding a number of senior posts in local government, community engagement and arts organisations.

He has been vice chair of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) in Liverpool and Knowsley, and was a non-executive director of urban regeneration agency Liverpool Vision from 2010 to 2012.

Tim specialises in appreciative inquiry facilitation and the creative industries, and has recently completed his Self-Factor coach training. He’s also an accredited consultant for Cultural Transformation Tools

Mining Session : Learning from Excellence a Appreciative Inquiry approach to studying quality  day to day practice in UK hospitals


Celiane Camargo-Borges, PhD

Breda University of Applied Sciences & TAOS Institute

A Researcher and practitioner working at the interface of psychology, design conversations/experience,  community building and organization development. Currently she is on faculty at Breda University of Applied Sciences and faculty & Board of The TAOS Institute.  To know more about her work please visit:

Learning Session : Organization as conversations: positive change through art and play


Tina Neuhoff

Spice in Presence

As a Positive Change Choreographer and Narrative Coach, Tina works with individuals, teams and organizations to bring about Positive Change.

Our capacity to change is ingrained in the stories we tell ourselves and each other, as well as the larger narratives that surround us. The leverage to get to the core of those stories, to explore what else could be possible and to choose which way and how we want to move forward, is as simple as that: authentic, true human conversation and interaction.

Tina is  based in Cologne/Germany, a passionate learner, traveller and a lover of art and jazz.

Learning  Session : Riff on You : Explore your patterns of success with jazz


Gwendel Kusters

Mrs. Gwendel Kusters LLM is a change agent at the Dutch Government and an entrepreneur, working as a consultant to help executives, boards of directors and management how to realise positive change. With 12 years of experience with reorganisations and change processes – as a manager and director – Gwendel developed a new vision on organisation change. She will share her vision and how she successfully applied it at the Dutch Government at this conference.

Thinking Session : A framework for successful Positive Change


Dr Maike Reese


Maike specialized during her studies of educational science and psychology in aspects of organizational development. Her dissertation deals with questions about cooperation, participation and transparency in school development processes. Further education for coaching, facilitation and mediation complete her profile.

As an organizational consultant she supports her clients in development and change processes: be it as a coach, process facilitator or moderator of workshops, conferences and study days. She also works as a trainer on leadership issues, communication training and quality issues.  Her focus is on the health, social and education sectors.

Mining Session : Kindermitte – Appreciative Quality Development in Early Years Education

Lindsy Szilvasi


Innovation Program Manager at STUDIO.WHY and Innovation Coach of the Dutch design school

Lindsy started her career at Google in 2014 as Online Operations Specialist and Innovation Space Manager. Her role at Google has spanned from creating innovative solutions for user experience of Google’s advertising policy, facilitating innovation workshops and design sprints, leading Google EMEA’s first Innovation & Creativity Space, and building a thriving innovation ecosystem at Google. Lindsy’s passion is to inspire others to drive innovation and change with sustainable impact, and she continues to focus on this as an innovation program manager and coach offering training programs in entrepreneurship and Design Thinking at the Dutch STUDIO.WHY for young professionals, corporates, governmental organisations and education.

Learning Session : Beyond Design Thinking

Juan Carlos Obrador

Corporation for Positive Change Latin America

Organizational psychologist, master in development and organizational behavior with extensive experience in the areas of development and change, operational excellence and human resources in multinational and national companies, in mining industries (Antofagasta Minerals and Phelps Dodge South America), pharmaceutical (Merck Sharp and Dohme ), shipping company (CSAV)

After his executive career, Juan Carlos founds Positive Change. In connection with Corporation for Positive Change, it brings to the region the concepts and practices to carry out organizational transformations based on identifying and multiplying the existing strengths in the client companies.

In Positive Change solutions are created from the best of the current and not from closing gaps. We have been able to verify globally, and we have evidence in different continents, that in the world we are living in today, effective and sustainable transformations occur best when they are based on the discovery of the strengths and capabilities of the organization and where the solutions they are co-designed within the organization considering the environments in which it operates. This allows to generate purpose and an epic that activates the energy, capabilities and passion collaborators of the organization who are transformed into true agents of change.

His career has been at the service of the humanization of work and excellence in business.

Mining Session : Evolutionary Catalysts : Prototyping a new type of organization

Francisca Di Domenico Madrid

Francisca is a business graduate with broad experience on retail multinational companies. She is the founder of Oveja Negra Consulting, and an active partner at Positive Change Latin America. Francisca is a member of the Evolutionary Catalysts group.

Mining Session : Evolutionary Catalysts : Prototyping a new type of organization

Frank van Erkel

The Change Lab / City of Amsterdam

Frank has had extensive experience as (senior) administrative manager and leader of innovation projects in the public sector. He has been leading governmental change and innovation for the past 20 years, both on national and local levels. He is always looking for new ways to improve government, and connecting it to emerging developments in society. Frank is currently working for the municipality of Amsterdam and is owner of the ChangeLab, specializing in change management, appreciative inquiry and social and governmental innovation. He is a certified Executive Coach, and is presently working for a variety of organizations as such. In recent years he has been working together with universities on societal change projects (Helsinki, Espoo, Malmo, Johannesburg) and co-founded the platform International Initiatives for Societal Innovation (I2SI).

Mining Session : Building the city together: Examples from the city of Amsterdam to create positive organizations with engaged civil servants and engaged citizens

Sjoukje Altra

Sjoukje is Secretary, head of all civil servants, of the Eastern district of Amsterdam, an area where around 140.000 people of all backgrounds live, work and play. It is an area with lots of variation in surroundings, mixing a lot of stone, as well as green vegetation and water. The attraction of the city is so strong -the city is growing very fast-, that this part of the city will welcome over 40.000 new residents in the next few years.

Sjoukje believes that it is not the government that makes the city, but the people in it. Those people are residents, entrepreneurs, initiators, visitors, scientists and civil servants.

Her motto is: “Stop being an ‘officer in duty’; start with following the rhythm of the city, listen to and enrich each other.”

Mining Session : Building the city together: Examples from the city of Amsterdam to create positive organizations with engaged civil servants and engaged citizens

Paul Engel

Paul moved to IJburg, a new housing area in Eastern Amsterdam, in 2008. With no prior experience and only inquisitive motives, he decided to contribute to the development of this part of the city as a local citizen. He initiated a platform that facilitates locate initiatives called IJburgers Dream, IJburgers Act, a wellbeing project called Living close to happiness in Happiness Close and the Expedition Enriching IJburg, a projected aimed at the integration of 180 students and refugees in new housing facility. When it comes to civil society he has seen the local government at its best – and at its worst! His best experience? The time he stepped into an almderman’s office for a 10 minute audience and got asked a very simple question: “You’ve got a fantastic idea – what the heck are you waiting for!!?”

Mining Session : Building the city together: Examples from the city of Amsterdam to create positive organizations with engaged civil servants and engaged citizens

Simone Mortier

Imagineer & Freelance Business Consultant

As an Imagineer, I love to know what you know. Not only what you know, but also who you are, and where you see yourself in the future with the connection to an organizational perspective.

I love to read, write and have philosophical conversations. I believe in Appreciative Inquiry and Social Constructionism as ways to transform organizations and societies. I combine my mulitinational experience with my academic background for innovations as a freelance business consultant to make this transformation together with you.

Thinking Session : Positive Relationships in the Organization

Koen Joly

Keik (Belgium)

Coach and inspirer at KEIK – People in Motion and at

I have an inspiring drive that challenges people to go the extra mile. Always starting from what works, I like to contribute to the growth of people, teams and organizations. People call me inspiring, challenging, experienced and coaching. I always search for new ways to empower people and organizations.

Mining Session : Positive Contamination : A five year Journey of Positive Change in Elderly Care

Renaat Lemey

Managing director at Open Kring vzw – Non-profit organization for elderly care


I am fascinated by people and the relationships between people and what they bring about.

I like to contribute to a different view of working with the elderly. Working with them as a true partner in the care is what we’re aiming at.

Mining Session : Positive Contamination : A five year Journey of Positive Change in Elderly Care

Greet Driessens

Open Kring vzw coordinator at Open Kring vzw – Non-profit organization for elderly care


Just by not paying attention to what’s no longer possible – unfortunately the way most people deal with people with dementia – but by focusing on the here and now, unexpected and beautiful things and pleasant surprises arise. That’s why I work in elderly care.

Mining Session : Positive Contamination : A five year Journey of Positive Change in Elderly Care

Hans Broeks

Consultant at Capgemini

An instigator of the positive change movement at Capgemini Netherlands. Hans undertakes Lean work using David Shaked’s ideas on strength-based Lean. In his Agile and Devops work he uses practices from Holacracy and Theory U to build the power of teams. And ideas from Laloux to develop a culture of self-organization, wholeness and purpose. More recently, he has started as a community builder within Capgemini and has been exploring storytelling as a way to develop Capgemini’s internal culture. Next to his development and coaching work he coordinates projects in the Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability domain. 

Thinking Session : We make the Organization – applying the We make the City initiative to organizations

Vera Hofmann


Vera is a psychologist with experiences in the non-profit and for-profit sector. She has worked directly with clients in the automotive sector, NGOs, youth experiencing social, mental or economic problems, as well as tribals and refugee families. As a consultant and facilitator, Vera engages with individuals, teams, and organizations in transactions that benefit all whom it affects. She believes in the potential of every human being that, once liberated from limiting assumptions, can reach outstanding outcomes. As Community Manager at TEDxDresden she and her team envisioned, organized and conducted events that allow interaction with the local community in a meaningful way. Recently relocated to Amsterdam she works for The Hospitalitist, an innovative services company in the hospitality sector. Vera is the Conference Lead for GCPC2.

Thinking Session : Purpose First – How can we balance the need for a common purpose and the economic health of organizations – with Max Malterer

Catalina Paya

Co-Founder of Inspiring Partners

Catalina is a graduate in Psychology and a consultant for directors in the implementation of strategic actions to optimise their organisation and teams. She has more than 20 years’ experience in change management and organisational development. Professor at different international business schools and executive coach. Founder and Managing Director of Inspiring Partners. Catalina began a joint project with Carles Polo in 2013. They were united by their passion to promote constructive environments which encourage organisational development. Catalina is committed to strength-based methodologies, in which she has been trained (Certificated in Appreciative Inquiry), knowing they produce substantial and sustainable results

Learning Session : Playroom to discover your disruptive innovator.

Jose Luis Marin Arandia

Senior Consultant at Inspiring Partners (Spain)

Jose Luis is a senior consultant on entrepreneurship, strategic management and internationalization of SMEs in Inspiring Partners. Certificate Senior Facilitator for CELEMI, AB, where we deliver executive experiential education for companies and Business Schools. Associate professor with different Universities (BSM, EAE Business School, ESADE, UPF) teaching in the masters and bachelor’s degree. Main subjects are international business, business strategy, entrepreneurship and business game. Program Director and coordinator for different programs.

He holds an Advance Studies Diploma, from ESADE Business School. Master’s in business administration, on International Business, from University of Texas, at Austin. Master’s in business administration at Monterrey Institute of Technology. Industrial Engineer Degree at Monterrey Institute of Technology. Native in Spanish, fluent in English, and also basic level in Catalan and Italian.

Learning Session : Playroom to discover your disruptive innovator.

Ceferi Soler, Phd

ESADE Business School (Barcelona)

Ceferi has been linked to prestigious organizations: a banking entity, a consultancy and during the last 22 years ESADE business school. He combines his activity as a teacher and consultant at an international level, with research in the organizational field and the publication of books and articles of interest in the field of management of people and organizations. He has worked closely with David Cooperrider, Ronald Fry and Richard Boyatzis, world leaders in leadership and positive change. His Masters have been Carl Rogers, Humberto Maturana and Charles Handy. He is an expert in Leadership, Corporate Culture, Value of Intellectual Capital, Management of Diversity and Management by values ​​and organizations in continuous learning.

Thinking Session : Gross National Happiness for Organisations

Melanie Cope, MS

Leadership Coach

Melanie brings 28 years-experience developing executives, managers and teams to exceed and achieve performance targets.  She is an expert in leveraging individual strengths to build leadership capacity and business results while helping build high-performing teams.  She has extensive experience coaching virtual teams and is recognized as an expert in the retail industry for aligning individual and team performance with business goals.  She guides clients to engage with their customers in creative and innovative ways for strengthened customer engagement.

Having worked extensively with young leaders she understands the nuances of working with the next generation of leaders and what their motivation triggers are.   Melanie’s experience includes being an active member of a regional sales team that continuously exceeded performance targets and leading multiple virtual teams in the highly competitive retail industry.  Melanie has experience working with multiple pre-hire assessment/leadership development tools including: Talent Plus, Profiles PXT, PSA, Management Fit, and 360 assessments.  A Master’s level practitioner and current a PhD candidate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Melanie has the theoretical understanding of motivation, performance and success methodologies.

Learning Session : Positive Coaching

Alessandro Gianni

Business Engineer, a Design Thinking Enthusiast, a Change Management Advisor and a Coach.

I work as a consultant to align operational plans, processes and behaviours with the strategic view of the leadership (or I help in generating the leadership view when needed).

At the beginning I’ve worked few years with a major Consulting firm and then, for 17 years, in a major TLC multinational company (Customer Service, IT Planning, Management Control, New Product Development, HR).

Now I work as an independent advisor in change management and design thinking and I’m partner of Relinc-Consulting (Business Process Management) and of Flipfly (eLearning, Video, Learning Games for training, internal communication, engagement). I’m Board Member and Trainer of Assochange (the Italian Association for Change Management) and contract Professor at SUPSI in Lugano (Process Management, Design Thinking ed Personal Effectiveness).

Learning Session : How Design Thinking can help you in changing anything you want.

Gwendolyn Holstege

Gwendolyn is employed with the municipality of Amsterdam as an advisor for the planning of infrastructural work in and around the city. Many stakeholders with multiple goals are involved here. She brings these parties together and oversees their endeavours while keeping in mind the interests of the city inhabitants and visitors. In previous roles during her work for a multinational publishing company, she gained experience in relationship management in the scientific community and developed marketing and communication programs.

Actions for personal development and trying out methods for positive growth have always played an important role in her professional and personal life. For a period of five years she combined her office work with being a radio host and editor at Amsterdam FM discussing these topics with guests in a weekly culture program. Gwendolyn is interested in the application of best practices, lessons learned and understanding new ideas, especially when these are infused with heart and soul.

Thinking Session : Positive emotions in organisations

Sabine Soeder


Leading through visuals and interactive spaces is a powerful approach to gain clarity and guide teams and organizations through transformation with clear communication and impact. Sabine found her boutique consultancy CoCreativeFlow in 2012, she is one of the pioneers bringing graphic facilitation in connection with design thinking and other methods to Europe since 2006. CoCreativeFlow is part of a European living system based in Frankfurt a. M.

Clarify. Create. Nourish Life.

Learning Session : Flow Architect –  Draw to interact

Francesca Oliva

Active Change (Italy)

Francesca is a social and work psychologist working as consultant and management trainer and facilitator. She has previously worked for different consulting companies within leadership and organizational development and has founded two companies. Her focus is on people and organizations development, helping people and organizations to find new ways to work, communicate, involve and participate. As counsellor and coach, she helps people to deal with challenges and developing their strengths. She work with profit, non profit and public. Francesca is the director of Active Change based in Milan, Italy.

Learning Session : Promoting Personal and Organizational development through Appreciative Inquiry: the SOAR© Matrix

Tenny Poole

West Coast Centre for Positive Change (California)

Tenny Poole is a principal of the Corporation for Positive Change and founder and principal of the West Coast Center for Positive Change. The West Coast Center for Positive Change (WCCP) is the premier positive change consultancy in California. The WCCP is affiliated with the Corporation for Positive Change (CPC) which was started by Diana Whitney and David Cooperrider as the first consulting and training company in the field of Appreciative Inquiry. Tenny is a master facilitator and master trainer in the field of Appreciative Inquiry, Appreciative Leadership, and Appreciative Coaching.

 Masterclass with Chris Dyer : From Books To the Boardroom : Masterclass on Positive Company Culture

Dr Chris Steed

University of Southampton, UK

Chris an Educator, Writer, Anglican Minister, Counsellor, Management Consultant and research fellow at Southampton University, UK. He hold an MSc in Social Theory and International Relations , a PhD in Theology and a doctorate in Social Sciences. A member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. Chris has a private practice in Southampton and works for the Church of England developing a community hub for social innovation, support services and active listening. In his 2017 book  Smart Leadership, Wise Leadership: Environments of Value in an emerging future Chris asks what the leadership and organisations of the future will look like in a digital era. What kind of ‘wise’ leadership, as contrasted with ‘smart’ (technocratic leadership, will be needed as business learns to function in a different way.

Thinking  Session : Lift the LID :  Positive Leadership to meet the emerging future